The breed is fairly easy to train if you can get

Doors open at 6pm and popcorn and snacks are for sale in the foyer also ice cream and soft drinks in the interval. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. All families are welcome. The breed is fairly easy to train if you can get their attention. Wheatens get along fine with older children but can be too playful and assertive with young children. Wheatens are much more sociable than most terriers but will still need obedience training to control their active and assertive nature..

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Since May is National Historic Preservation Month, we thought that folks might be interested in learning about the styles of architecture found in Wapakoneta houses. Provides the directions for participating in Wednesday event: Log in into Facebook and navigate to the Auglaize County Historical Society Facebook page just before 7. Click on that image to join the event.

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